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to go further, faster

The startup world can be a daunting and often lonely place. 

You’ve got a vision, but you need support, advice and a network to help turn this vision into a successful business. 

We know how hard the beginning of your journey can be.

Sweqlink was born out of one entrepreneur’s struggle to fund their innovative startup.

They had a limited network and no experience in the startup ecosystem.

Such a common story.

Although everyone loves an underdog story, the truth is that the most successful startups in the world today were founded by entrepreneurs with degrees from world-class business schools and fairly privileged backgrounds. 

Judy Leung, Sweqlink Founder
Sweqlink’s Founder: Judy Leung

It shouldn’t be this way…

We believe your socio-economic status shouldn’t be a limiting factor in business. 

To encourage innovation and diversity in business we need to make entrepreneurship more accessible to those with limited funds, networks and knowledge of the startup world.

We have created the solution to your early startup headaches

The Sweqlink Membership

We’re passionate about offering support to founders, helping to connect them with other founders, our partners and the information they need to be successful.

We want to help you make your ideas happen, so we offer two tiers to our membership:


1 year membership (earlybird price)

£149 + VAT

– 6 months access to SeedLegals & 10% discount off their services (worth over £350)
– Exclusive deals and discounts
– Tools and resources to fast track your progress
– Verified member status


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